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Every book starts as an idea; one that gradually takes shape through passion, patience, endurance and imagination. Thank you to the marvelous people who lent me their stories, Karin, Vinah and Graham. I am privileged to have been invited on your journey.

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Safari Plains
June 8, 2021

Safari Plains – Part Two

It is our last day at Safari Plains; tomorrow Anne and I will be doing one last morning game drive before transferring back to Johannesburg for our flight back to…
Safari Plains
June 1, 2021

Safari Plains – Part One

It is just after 12pm when our VW combo pulls through the entrance gates of Safari Plains. Abundant recent rain showers have spread a carpet of bright green across the…
Kwafubesi Tented Camp
June 1, 2021

Kwafubesi Tented Camp – Part Two

“Anne”, I whisper in my niece’s ear. “Wakey, wakey. I have run you a hot bath”. It is our first morning at Kwafubesi Tented Safari Camp and, stirring wearily, Anne…
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