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Every book starts as an idea; one that gradually takes shape through passion, patience, endurance and imagination. Thank you to the marvelous people who lent me their stories, Karin, Vinah and Graham. I am privileged to have been invited on your journey.

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Thrilling Experiences
May 30, 2023

The Long Ranger Helicopter Trip

A thrilling trip in the Bell 206 Long Ranger Helicopter Flying over the Kruger National Park, securely strapped in and seated beside a dashing young helicopter pilot in the front…
Food Feasts
May 25, 2023

Dulini Cheffing

Dulini Cheffing with Executive Head Chef Lamek Mnisi Elegant safari camps beg for elegant safari meals and, at the three sumptuous, uniquely decorated ultra-luxury Dulini lodges,  in the western sector…
Food Feasts
March 22, 2023

Food Feasts on Safari

There are those who would argue that food is just ‘fuel’, and particularly on safari, the onus on gourmet-style meals is an overrated and unnecessary indulgence. I beg to differ.…
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